Hanshin is growing up in the field of navigation, communication and electronics of

ship's with creative mind.

?Installation, Repair and Supervision of the Navigation, Communication and Electronics equipments

?SR survey of every Class and Government radio survey

?Production of high performance ship's Telephone. Digital Clocks, CAS system

?JRC's service agent - Radar, Inmarsat & GMDSS system installation and repair

?Supply of spare parts for navigation and communication equipments

?Technical and Operating training for owners

?Supplying and installation of Air and Sea ports traffic control system

?Radio buoy for Tuna fishing

?Production of high quality ship's Inter communication system

    - Public Address System
    - Communal Aerial System
    - CCTV System
    - Anemometer & Anemoscope
    - Digital Marine Clock System
    - BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)
    - Marine Telephone
    - Local Area Network System
    - Ineternet Protocol Television System