by Car   After cross over the Yeongdo bridge or Busan bridge, proceed to the Yeongseon-dong rotaty.
And then pass the Yeongdo gas station. Down to 100m(Hyundai APT).
Turn right Down to 50m Hanshin Eelctronics Building(Ivory Color)
  by Taxi   It takes about 10minutes. From the entrance of the Yeongdo Bridge.
  by Bus   You can use several buses.
Bus No. 6.7.9 and 71 are from the entrance of Yeongdo Bridge.
Bus No. 11,70 from the entrance of Busand Bridge.
ShouId come down at the front the Yeongseon post office or the Yeongseon rotaty.
  by Subway   Come down the Nampodong station and come out the entrance of Yeongdo direction And then use the taxi.